Your Time Is Valuable; Buy Your Lucas Oil Products Online

If you are a farmer or owner of a trucking company or other similar business, you no doubt have many busy days with multiple “irons in the fire”. Anything that makes your job easier or saves you time is a big plus. That’s why you should consider buying your Lucas Oil lubricants from As … Read more

ToughAG Understands Rural

Are you a farmer or a trucking company owner looking for a knowledgeable and reliable company to work with you on your business supply needs? may very well be the answer. Located in the small town of Browns Valley, Minn., ToughAG is owned by Backer-Wencel Inc., which has been providing reliable and professional online … Read more

Great Lucas Oil Products Available Through ToughAG

Lucas Oil products, developed by the world leader in high performance lubricants and problem-solving additives, are now available on These great products solve or prevent common mechanical problems in all vehicles. Lucas Oil is a national leader in producing outstanding products for the agri and trucking industries. Here are just a few of the … Read more

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