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"Lucas Oil is my go to brand whenever I service any of our farm machinery. I've used it for 10+ years and it's never let me down. They have every type of oil or additive I ever need, and it keeps all our tractors and trucks running. We had a tractor engine fail and the transmissions go out on two pickup trucks, but never had ANY engine or transmission failures of any kind since we started using Lucas! "

K. Beckwith
ToughAG customer since March, 2021

"I only use Lucas 2 cycle oil in my snowmobiles and chainsaws. And I only by it from the Tough Guys and Tough Ag! Ha! Seriously though Jeff and Jay and all the folks I've dealt with are top notch and provide excellent customer service. If you need a part and they don't have it listed, they can get it for you with just a call."

B. Hansen
ToughAG customer since January, 2021

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