Lucas Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax


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Give your car, boat or airplane a clean finish with the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 24 oz Marine Speed Wax, which prevents the build-up of mud, bugs, tar and hard-water deposits while providing excellent UV protection. Slick Mist is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces such as glass, chrome and vinyl decals. It’s performance blows the competition out of the water and will leave your finish slicker and shinier than any product on the market with long lasting protection. Slick Mist can give any machine a beautiful glossy finish! Use Slick Mist in the same way you’d use traditional wax. You can also spray it on your boat between rinsing and drying for the easiest polish job ever! Do not use any Slick Mist® Products on floors, vessel controls (pedals, grips, steering wheels), motorcycle seats or tire treads, bicycle seats or tire treads, brake drums and any other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous.


  • Great for any gel coat or painted surface
  • Use on wet or dry surfaces
  • Provides UV protection
  • Can be used in direct sunshine
  • Helps keep mud, bugs, and tar from sticking to your boat
  • Great at removing hard water deposits
  • Ideal in saltwater and freshwater applications

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24 Oz, 24 Oz (Case of 12)

SB258 Disclosure Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax


TDS Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax


SDS Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax

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Lucas Slick Mist Marine Speed Wax