Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Car 10W-40 Motor Oil


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Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Car Motor Oil SAE 10W-40 is a fantastic lubricant designed to keep muscle, showroom, classic, and trophy cars without catalytic converters operating at maximum performance while still protecting them when they’re off the road. Lucas’ formula includes high quality paraffinic base oils and includes an additive package containing high levels of zinc, molybdenum, and phosphorus. This additive package adds a layer of protection that stands up to even the most severe weather conditions along with an increased zinc value of 2100 PPM. With the potential for these cars to spend longer-than-normal periods off the roads, Lucas has added components to this oil to add additional rust and corrosion protection as well.

Hot Rod & Classic Car Motor Oil improves pressure in worn engines by slowing oil burning and increasing the film strength between the cylinder wall and piston rings. Expect lower oil temperatures, extended oil life, and significantly reduced metal fatigue. In addition to this oil’s incredible cold temperature properties, it stands up well against high operating temperatures as well. It is compatible with synthetic and non-synthetic oils, methanol, and all racing fuels. Along with classic and showroom cars, this oil is great for racing applications. Not recommended for passenger car use.


  • Provides tougher, thicker additive film for maximum protection
  • Compatible with methanol and all racing fuels, as well as synthetic and non-synthetic oils


  • High oil temperatures
  • Short oil life
  • Metal fatigue
  • Low oil pressure
MPNs: 10688, 10683

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Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Car 10W-40 Motor Oil